Don’t Sweat Choosing a Fitness Outfit: Just Follow These Easy Tips!

Starting a workout routine is a hard moment for many: it may be challenging to push yourself to work out regularly, so if you are not comfortable working out, there’s a good chance that this habit won’t last. Your workout outfit is a crucial part of your workout efficiency: a good outfit can provide support and comfort that will prevent you from damage and will also make your workouts more enjoyable. But what makes a good fitness outfit? Take a look at these tips below to find out.

  1. If you are looking for a workout bra:

Look for bras that provide maximum support: without the right support, you may suffer tissue or ligament damage, which is something that can happen if your breast bounces too much. Choose a bra according to the type of activity you’re planning to do: look for breathable light-weight materials if you’re planning to do yoga or pilates, and pick a bra with strong support to keep it in place during jogging or other high-intensity workouts. You might want to try several bras to find one that suits your anatomy the best: don’t forget to check the return policy on your bra before buying.

  • If you are looking for a workout top:

One of the most important workout clothes qualities is the ability to evaporate sweat, so you might want to look for fabric that doesn’t trap liquid, which is the case with cotton. As always, tailor your outfit choice to the type of activity you do: sleeveless tops may feel cooler, but if you’re planning to run outside, sleeves may add protection from the sun. It may also be a good idea to look for reflective elements in your top if you run outside, so it’s easier for drivers to see you. Plan your workout outfit with a top that can be layered easily: pick a top made with light materials to keep you cool in warm weather and wear a jacket if the weather gets cooler.

  • If you are looking for a workout bottom:

Yoga and cycling workout outfits may differ a lot, so again, keep the activity type in mind when choosing an outfit. Wide pants made with natural materials will add air circulation if you are planning a low-intensity activity like yoga or pilates, on the other hand, wide-leg pants are dangerous to wear if you’re cycling. Cyclers may also look for reflective elements to be noticed easily on the road and short bottom length so your pants will not get caught in your bicycle chain. As the rule of thumb, if you are planning to do high-intensity activities, you might look for polyester-spandex blends to reduce sweat trapping and lycra-based blends for maximum comfort and support.

  • Some extra advice:

Pay attention to the size of your clothes before buying: armholes and that run too small can be a serious issue during a workout, and be sure to check the return policy on the item you are going to buy. Happy exercising!

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