Easy Tips for a Perfect Home Workout!

If your local gym is still closed, it’s no excuse to put off getting fit until better times. After all, home workouts have many advantages: you train on your own rules and set your own goals. But what makes a good workout and where to start? In this article, you’ll find the basics of a perfect home outfit.

Tip 1. Always Start with a Warmup

While your workout goals may be different, a warmup is an essential part of every training. A warmup can consist of a light walk outside or on a treadmill. The goal is to wake up your muscles and let your body know that it should be ready for an exercise. That way, you reduce the risk of ligament damage and quick burnout.

Tip 2. Make a Smooth Transition to a Cardio

The goal of a cardiovascular (or aerobic) workout is building stamina and preparing your body for strength-building exercises. It is great if you can turn a warmup into cardio by increasing intensity — for example, by walking or pedaling faster, you can make a smooth segue into a cardio portion of your workout. For home exercise, a jump rope can be your go-to cardio equipment. For more intense workouts, try this Crossfit Weighted Jumping Rope — the added weight to the jump rope will make your cardio more effective and intense. Experts say that a 30-minute cardio at least three times a week is a good start.

Tip 3. Keep Strength Workout Simple

A strength workout can require no equipment at all — your body is all you need. Push-ups, squats, or abdominal crunches are easy exercises aimed at different muscles, so it may be a good idea to evenly combine all of them. You can also use small dumbbells or resistance bands, like this one. The Universal Workout Resistance Band can be used in building back, arm, and leg muscles. You might want to choose several ones to find out which resistance level is suitable for you, or even combine the bands of different resistance in one workout.

Tip 4. Flexibility Is Important

Flexibility exercises help to strengthen your ligaments for increased work and can help you increase stamina as well. Simple exercises like floor stretches or yoga poses can suffice. If you are aiming for a more rigorous flexibility workout, try resistance straps — they are easy to install and can be used for various muscle groups. Be careful and don’t push your limits: too intense workouts may damage your ligaments and cause soreness the next day.

Tip 5. End Your Workouts with a Cooldown

Just like you can’t start a good workout without a warmup, you can’t go back to your daily chores in the middle of a workout. Your cooldown should include the same activities you do for a warmup: for example, you can go for a slow walk on a treadmill or take an easy bicycle ride — the goal is to bring your heart rate to a resting state.

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