How to Care for Your Hands & Nails Without Spending a Fortune

Some women (and more often, men!) seem to neglect nail and hand care. Some say they don’t have the money to spend extra on hand masks and nail polish, some say they simply don’t want to spend time on nail care.

 No matter the reason or gender, your hands and nails comprise a crucial part of your look, so you don’t want to look unprofessional and messy. Just for those who don’t think that nail care is important, we at have designed a dedicated category for nail and hand skincare with affordable and effective products we’re going to cover below.

  1. Milk and Honey Hand Mask

The first product on our list is a versatile and affordable hand care solution based on milk and honey wax. Wax allows the mask to cover your hands evenly and deeply nourish and hydrate the hand skin. Thanks to its structure, the mask is easy to remove afterwards. This mask is a lifesaver if your hands are susceptible to dryness and pigmentation. The milk and honey mix will deeply nourish your hands while whitening them at the same time.

If you suffer from dry hands, this mask can work wonders on your hand skin. Exfoliating your hands from dead cells first, this mask makes it easier for the mango essence to work. Mango essence is known to have moisturizing and nourishing qualities that will ease the dryness on your hands. The mask is easy to apply and even easier to take off. Ease of use and an affordable price make this mask a perfect hand care choice for daily use.

This rather unorthodox solution for those, who don’t consider themselves hand care enthusiasts, can actually become their favorite. The reason is the convenient mode of application, which only involves putting on the gloves — the hand mask is already inside. It means that you can continue with your everyday tasks without worrying about smudging the mask off your hands. Thanks to this feature, this mask will be a perfect choice for those who don’t like spending extra time on hand care only.

Don’t be grossed out by the main ingredient of this cream: the horse oil extract is one of the most popular ingredients in Asian beauty now, known to bring elasticity and smoothness to damaged skin. This hand cream solves numerous issues: the collagen in this cream will erase the fine lines and moisture the skin. As a bonus, the cream will whiten your skin, erasing uneven pigmentation and signs of aging.

For those who prefer easy and effective care, our hand care collection features a set of plant-based masks. Some of the ingredients are traditionally used for nourishing dry skin, like avocado or blueberry. Apart from proven ingredients and an affordable price, this hand mask will also brighten your mood with delicious flower and fruit aromas.

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