How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated the Smart Way!

The dry season is rarely a pleasant time for our skin. Extreme dryness drains moisture out of your skin, causing wrinkles and accelerating aging. Exposure to dry air for extended periods may lead to dull skin tone and reduced protective skin layer, which in turn, can leave you unprotected from diseases and aggravate symptoms of cold and asthma. We can all agree that dry air is no good for your health. But how to maintain the right humidity without spending a fortune? That’s the moment when comes to help. We offer a collection of smart humidifiers that will protect your health this dry season and all year round.  Check out the best humidifiers from our collection in this article.

  1. Ultrasonic Quiet Air Humidifier

If you spend most of your time home in one place, a compact humidifier may be enough to alleviate the symptoms of dry air. This humidifier may be a good solution: apart from the compact size, this device boasts USB connection, which allows you to power the humidifier right from your computer and get the hydration your skin needs while working on the computer. The minimalistic design will allow the device to fit into any interior without attracting too much attention.

Another USB air humidifier on our list boasts a less traditional design: the tall body of the device gives it a resemblance with a reusable cup. This “cup” also features a backlight, which adds to the look of the device and may serve as additional lighting for your desk. It may be a good idea to put this device in the middle of the desk, so it can emit vapor evenly in your workspace.

Although the main feature of this device is oil diffusion, it can also serve you as an excellent air humidifier. Some may consider this humidifier because of its creative and natural design, which allows this device to become a centerpiece of your room interior. Another handy feature is the remote control that ships with the device: with the remote, you can change the modes of the humidifier, as well as turn on and off the backlight. The Wood Aroma Diffuser can also boast a significant diffusion area: the single diffusor can emit vapor to an area of 20-40 m2, depending on the mode.

If you are looking for a device that will fit into your cozy room interior, try this candle-shaped air humidifier. Apart from shielding your skin from loss of moisture, it will also serve you as a nice piece of room décor. Several design options are available: you can choose from mint green, black, or rose design options. Efficiency-wise, this air humidifier works best if you put it on a desk or a nightstand for the night— the compact design doesn’t allow this device to cover an entire room.

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