Make Your Home Safer with These Affordable Devices

Today’s technology has reshaped our life — now we can browse the web, entertain ourselves watching live streams, and see what happens on the other side of the world. But why not put your money where it matters and use the latest technology to secure the most important place for you — your home? Today we will cover the best home security devices that will not break the bank.

  1. Two Way Audio Camera

If you are looking for simple yet effective home security solutions, it’s a good idea to consider this camera. Packed with essential features like microSD card support (the camera will work with cards with capacity up to 64 gigabytes) and audio recording, this device will record high definition video in 720P format, which is easy to view on your mobile device or computer.

This compact yet highly capable device has all chances to become your go-to device if you want to know what happens in your home. The 1080P Wireless Security Camera is capable of recording high-definition videos and uploading them to the cloud. The camera works in several modes: night vision camera and voice intercom (that way the camera can double as a baby monitor). The ultra-wide 110° camera lens will cover the area you want to secure and the motion detection feature will alert you in case the camera notices an intruder.

If you are planning to use your camera outside to have an overview of your front porch, you probably worry about the unwanted weather effects on your camera. Worry not — the Waterproof IP Camera’s construction will keep your camera safe even during a pouring rain. The phone synchronization is also available on this device, which means you’ll be able to stay informed about what happens in your house from your phone.

The Night Vision Home Security Camera is a whole set of useful features, packed in a cube less than an inch high. This compact yet capable device offers night vision, a wide 140-degree angle, motion detection, SD card storage, and other features. The camera is easy to install on any compatible bracket, which along with the size of the device makes this camera easy to use in any room or on any surface. To suit the interior of your home better, the camera comes in three colors: black, blue, and red.

The last device on our list, which you might have mistaken for a lightbulb, has one of the most untraditional designs on our list. This construction works in the device’s favor: the design does not only make the gadget inconspicuous, but it also allows for shooting panoramic video, which is the most noticeable advantage of this device. The unique construction also allows the camera to be inserted into the lightbulb socket. Several bundles are available to choose from, which may include a memory card and an infra-red camera in favor of a regular one.

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