Now don’t worry about blackheads!

If you fret about your skincare then this Electric blackhead remover is surely for you. Chances are, you’ve probably seen this product on your social media feed or maybe even at a friend’s house that is because this is a number one choice commodity for skincare enthusiasts. This is a solution for all your blackhead and excessive oil accumulation problems. This strong suction device comes with 4 suction heads and a cable for charging purposes. The pore vacuum suction pressure ranges from 55-100 kilopascals and produces soft but strong suction to remove blackhead and excessive oil accumulations stuck in your skin pores. The battery that this device uses is a strong 900 MAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or running out of power. The device comes with five adjustable pressure levels to meet your many needs. You may want to make this product a part of your skincare arsenal because of the following reasons:

What are its safety and efficacy?

This blackhead vacuum remover device is safer and more effective than the traditional facial cleaning method. With air pump technology, strong suction is provided without stimulation, and restores skin elasticity, decomposes melanin, and makes skin rejuvenation.

How many levels it has?

Our facial blackhead remover pore vacuum comes with 5 different suction levels to match your different skin types. Different people have to choose the best levels for their skin types.

Are the probes easily replaceable?

Our blackhead removal tool comes with 4 replaceable probes, which are designed to treat several skin conditions, take a multi-faceted treatment approach to acne, and help blemish-prone users achieve clearer, smoother skin.

How is it charged?

This electric blackhead remover vacuum is powered by a USB charger. No more worry about replacing batteries or running out of power.

What is the nature of the battery?

This device is equipped with a 900 MAH lithium-ion battery designated to last over 150 minutes after a single charge so no need to worry about charging issues.

Is it easy to carry and use?

This particular skincare commodity is very lightweight and can be taken anywhere without having it become cumbersome. Unlike other fancy electric skincare products, this one is pretty easy to use and handle without any hassle. It also comes with a guide manual to help you through.

Clean & Healthy Skin Combo

Our clean and healthy Skin Combo includes:

  1. Electric Blackhead Remover Nose Cleaner
  2. Colorful Professional Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing
  3. Wooden Massage Body Brush with Natural Long

You can purchase this combo with a benefit of 10% on each product which will be a pretty thrifty deal and will provide you best value for your hard-earned money.                                                                           

Happy Cleansing!

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