Accelerate your recovery, remove pain and relax your body so fast!

Do you know what you need after a long tough day? Yeah, you guessed it right a good shoulder massage is what you need. This device does exactly that only better. This U shape electrical shoulder massager is the epitome of comforting devices.  Put it around your shoulder and enjoy 15 min of solacing vibrations in all its serenity. This device is equipped with 8 massage rollers on each side, 16 rollers in totality to make sure it doesn’t under massage any muscle. The package also includes a charger and a car adapter with fast charging capability. A manual is also included in case if you get lost.

The motor is as silent as a mouse so you don’t have to worry about exasperating buzzing noises. This device is also equipped with a heating function that provides warmth to your muscles and helps improving blood circulation. To prevent over massaging, the device has 15 min auto-shutdown feature to make sure you don’t overuse it. Its U shape provides enhanced massaging experience and prevents cervical spine after long hours of tireless work.

This neck massager fits the neck and supports the head, keeps the balanced sleeping position; and kneading massage, allowing you to enjoy comfort during work, life, travel. This device can also be used on other parts of the body like the back, abdomen, waist, and leg.

You may want to buy this product because of the following enticing reasons:

Does it have more than one mode?

It has 3 modes:  vibration massage, positive massage, reverse massage. And you can increase or decrease the intensity of massage as your need. The neck massager pillow will automatically turn off after massaging for 15 minutes.

What is the quality of foam?

With a Delicate and soft, Memory rebound, the High-quality air filter cotton cover is removable and washable. Keep the pillow clean and fresh.

Is it rechargeable and portable?

With USB charging, it only needs to be charged for 2 hours; you will enjoy the comfortable massage experience. It is the perfect gift for your friends and family. Ideal for airplanes, cars, homes, and offices, the device can be used practically anywhere.

What is its acoustic quality?

With silent motors, the device creates a calm, solacing, and placid environment while massaging your muscles.

Does it is easy to carry?

This device is lightweight and easy to carry so even if you’re a nomad you don’t have to worry about carrying this particular commodity.

What are electrical specifications?

Power Supply: AC

Rated Voltage: 12 V

Rated Power: 24 W

This Handheld Kneading Massager provides the best professional massage to your body & muscles that relieve muscle & body pain within just a few minutes. You just need Neck Kneading Massager for just10 to 15 minutes after this you’ll feel fresh and you’ll also notice that there is no more pain in your body.

Relaxing Massagers Combo

Our Relaxing Massagers Combo includes:

– U Shape Electrical Shoulder Massager

– Back Stretch Equipment Massage

– Electric Foot Massage Pad This combo will prove to be light on your pocket with 10% off while also keeping your comforting needs sated.  This is absolutely a perfect combo for your solacing time.

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