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 If you’re a frequent weight lifter then this is a must-have equipment for you. What the weightlifting belt does do is provide a proprioceptive cue to your torso to squeeze and tighten your core muscles harder when you’re lifting a heavyweight. Just as you can tense your bicep muscles more when you’re curling 20lb dumbbells than when you’re curling a couple of soup cans, your core muscles can tense up more when they’ve got something to push against. The weightlifting belt provides that pushback.

What feature will it give when you feel heavyweight?

When you’re under a heavy load, a lifting belt can help you prevent serious injuries, specifically – orthopedic ones. Make no mistake about it. When you’re moving 80% or more of your one-rep maximum while squatting or deadlifting, a belt can keep you injury-free while using an ideal form. Many would argue that a belt is necessary for individuals who can squat or deadlift 2X their bodyweight or more. The legs will respond better to training and grow faster than your abs and lower back. As such, a belt can make up for any imbalances between the strength of your legs and your core.

Does it protect your abs?

When wearing a belt, the intra-abdominal pressure inside you can increase by over 40%. In doing so, compression throughout your lower back discs can decrease by up to 50%. This leads to a vast reduction in pressure on your lower back. But it’s not all due to the belt. The belt isn’t supporting your spine. The belt supports your abs. The increased abdominal pressure is what supports the spine while you move heavyweight. It’s how your body reacts to the belt that provides benefit to your back and weight to your main lifts. Research has concluded that a belt ensures ideal biomechanics while squatting and deadlifting. A weightlifting belt will force you to lift more with your legs instead of your back. As your legs can adapt to heavy stimuli faster than any other muscle group, this is ideal. The belt improves biomechanics by reducing spinal extension, spinal flexion, and to a lesser extent, lateral flexion.

Following are the characteristics of this particular belt:

Does it offer premium back support?

Protect your back with our premium 6” nylon weightlifting belt. Our weight belt offers a reinforced back area with a full 4” wide Velcro strap for a perfect, secure fit. Our back belt offers great support and top stability to the lower back and abdomen. It is a must-have for heavy squats, deadlifts, rows, and more!

Does it perfectly adhere to the body?

Our contoured and tapered design offers a 6” wide front and rear area providing optimal support for the back and stomach section. The narrower areas on the sides increase comfort and freedom of movement during any type of workout resulting in maximum protection and comfort!

Are they the best Velcro?

 Our weight lifting belt features the best Velcro you will find on the market. It works just like a ratchet fastener. It is the most simple and effective way to secure a weightlifting belt, super reliable to use, and will never fail under heavy pressure.

Is the board weightless?

Our top-quality neoprene build and top layer mesh fabric make the belt very comfortable to wear and ultra-breathable. Our fitness belt is designed to support your back while providing you the mobility to perform multiple exercises.

Why our board?

If you’re serious about performing heavy barbell lifts, like squats and deadlifts, then a weightlifting belt is a solid investment. It may be the most important gym accessory you’ll ever buy. If you primarily train with machines or dumbbells, then a belt may not be needed but it is strongly recommended by trainers.

Weight Lifting Equipment Combo

Our top Weight Lifting Equipment Combo includes:

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Durable Wide Weight Lifting Squat Belt

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