Posture problems solved by our boards!

If you’re new in the realm of fitness and workouts then you might be having problems like unsteady posture during heavy weight lifting. That is why you need our Weight Lifting Adjustable Biceps Training Board. The Weight Lifting Adjustable Biceps Training Board is a piece of curved aluminum about 24″ long and 4″ high that is designed to be worn around the neck when performing bicep curls.

Does it stabilize your motion?

The lifting arm blaster helps to stabilize motion to prevent injury and target muscles during your curling lifting exercises. A contoured plate isolates arms and shoulders while keeping back and elbows locked in position for curling exercise to make your weight lifting workouts more efficient and powerful. This product is a boon for absolute rookies in a workout. This will not only help you train efficiently but will also help prevent muscle strain. The Arm Blaster locks your arms at your sides, and it does indeed isolate the biceps. It also prohibits (at least reduces) your ability to cheat your curls. This trainer works the biceps so well, that the advantage they provide to the triceps is often overlooked. By wearing the trainer while performing pushdowns, the elbows remain forward during contraction which forces all of the stress onto the triceps before the rear delts become activated. Your elbows are still free to travel forward to get a stretch as the bar goes up. You may want to consider buying this commodity for the following captivating reasons.

Are they slippery?

The two-end anti-slipping pattern can effectively prevent slipping and hurting during usage making sure of your safety.

Are they long life?

The trainer is made of high-quality aluminum material, which owns lightweight and wear-resistant features. It has a long using life span and stable for a more efficient workout.

Are they comfortable?

The lifting arm blaster with adjustable tape and the thick protective pad is comfortable to operate. You can adjust the tape length to a suitable size according to your body figure and the pad can bring you a wonderful wearing experience.  The nylon shoulder straps are adjustable and are custom for your body so you do not have to worry about the fitting.

Where you can use them?

The lifting arm blaster is suitable for home and gym usage, which is a good helper for your arm fitness. This trainer works the biceps so well, that the advantage they provide to the triceps is often overlooked.

Are they portable?                                                                                                                                                          Arm Blaster is lightweight, which makes it portable. It’s a piece of equipment that you can pack in your duffle bag and take to the gym with you.                                                                   

Are they perfect for every type of workout?                                                                                                        So to turn your working out equipment up a notch, thus arm blaster would be perfect for all types of arm workouts. This trainer will be a perfect commodity for all your athletic ventures. They are irrefutably the best quality arm blasters you’d come across on the internet.

Weight Lifting Equipment Combo

Our top Weight Lifting Equipment Combo includes:

– Half Finger Weight Lifting Gloves

– Weight Lifting Adjustable Biceps Training Board

– Durable Wide Weight Lifting Squat Belt This combo will prove to be light on your pocket with 10% off while also keeping your workout need to be sated.  This is absolutely a perfect combo for an impeccable fitness routine.

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