Set Up a Home Video Recording Studio with These Tips

Now that many of us have plenty of time, it’s time to use it wisely and think about fulfilling our ambitions. If you are thinking about what you can do at home, there is no better way to unleash your creativity and earn money than becoming a content creator. Even though it does sound like an easy job, there are a lot of little things you should care about to really stand out of the crowd on such a large platform, so here are some tips to help you set up a great studio yourself.

  1. Lighting Is Everything

It’s a well-known fact that lighting is key in video production. Good lighting can conceal imperfections and bad lighting, on the contrary, will highlight the unflattering features. It is crucial to look good on camera, especially if you are making beauty video content. This light will solve this problem for you. The ring light will evenly distribute light on your face and a multi-functional tripod will allow you to regulate the height and the angle of the light until you reach a perfect light.

  • Invest in a Good Mic

Let your followers enjoy high-quality sound by recording your sound with a good microphone. Bad quality sound is always noticeable, and after bypassing uploading compression, the quality may become embarrassing. A good microphone usually has noise cancellation capabilities along with volume control and other useful features. The Universal Microphone with Windshield is an extremely portable device capable of recording high-quality sound even in severe wind, which is going to be very useful if you tend to shoot your videos outside.

  • Don’t Be Shy to Try New Tech

  If you want to stand out from many video bloggers there are nowadays, you have to use new ways to interest new followers, and using exciting new tech is a great way to do that. Catch up with the bloggers, who already shoot videos with drones and get yourself one too! Perfect for shooting outside scenery, if you get savvy enough with your drone, you’ll be able to shoot amazing high-quality content. However, it doesn’t mean that this purchase will cost you a fortune: this portable drone is able to shoot 4K videos and it’s available at a great discount for a limited time, so get it while you can!

  • Make Even the Easiest Things Look Professional

In video blogging and social media marketing, there are many things that people think of as easy or requiring no skills. However, in the modern social media business, it is far from the truth. Taking selfies is not enough, you also have to make sure they look professional. Even the easiest food photo has to look appealing and appetizing, and any professional photo is hard to take without good equipment. This phone tripod is a lifesaver if you’re looking for an all-in-one gadget. Equipped with a light ring, it will not only hold your phone, but it will also create adjustable lighting for your selfie or a beauty video.

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