What’s new in our toiled light?

The smart toilet seat motion sensor is a motion-activated night light for your toilet. It turns itself on at any time you walk into the bathroom at night. The LED Toilet Light with light sensor and motion sensor,  turns on when it detects motion around your toilet bowl in dark. The motion sensor will detect movement and light your way. It can keep the lighting as you are near it and turns off automatically after you leave. It can protect you especially the children and the elderly from falling at night when searching for the bathroom in the dark without waking someone else. It operates with the help of three AAA types of battery(not provided) providing a voltage of 4.5V.

What is the material of the motion sensor?

Toilet Nightlight is designed with a soft and flexible PVC neck that can be bent easily to match any toilet type, regardless of the shape of the toilet bowl. So it can be attached with any type of toilet at your homes. Its body material is made up of ABS material.

Does it have multicolors?

Toilet light can choose between 8 single colors or color-cycle, senses you and gentle lights up, leading you right to the spot, no bumping in the dark, and to help you find your way back to the sack!

How can you set multiple colors?

You can set color-changing or single-color on this toilet night light. For example, the light color changes when it starts work, if you want to set it to a single color like blue then you can press the button on the dim condition, the light will remain blue, but it will remain red when it lights up again. If you want the lights to change colors just need to make sure it was on the change color mode when you turn off it.

Does it has an auto-motion senser?

Motion-activated LED sensor, not have to turn on the lights to go to the bathroom at night when half asleep, it will not disturb your body sleeping clock. It is motion-activated, only turns on when you walk into the bathroom in the dark. It’s always there to show you the way.

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