Want to make your place full of pleasant atmosphere?

Have you ever experienced the change which a humidifier can bring about?  in a dry environment it will give both comforts as well as a sense of awaking. In the cold, dry winters, you need to have a protective environment. Our bodies tend to lose water easily in a dry environment. At the same time, atmospheric moisture is low, so the skin feels itchy. If a humidifier is used, the moisture in the air will be improved and a feeling of comfort will automatically be in the room. So we are providing an improved ultrasonic air humidifier for only $19.

Can opt for your favorite color?

Our ultrasonic humidifier has 2 general colors that are white and pink. You can order the humidifier of your favorite color.

What material do we use?

The material of our humidifier is up to the standard and we use high-quality ABS material in addition to PP material which gives the humidifier an edgy appearance s well.

How much noise is produced?

The most common places for a portable humidifier are the bedroom or the main living space, so it’s no wonder that most consumers want a humidifier with quiet operation. If humidifier noise is your main concern, an ultrasonic humidifier of our company is your best choice. An ultrasonic humidifier does not have a fan to add to the noise of the appliance. You should recognize, though, that no humidifier is entirely silent but our humidifier produces only 36 dB low sound which is not too noisy.

What is input and output?

Our humidifier doesn’t need distilled or mineral water to perform its operations, only tap water is needed and its capacity is almost30 ml / 1.01 oz / h which is quite small as well. On the other hand, the steam it produces is quite extraordinary. It produces steam having a capacity of 25-30 ml  / h  0.85-1.01 oz / h.

What are the power type and light nature?

The ultrasonic humidifier can be charged with a USB cable easily. It has a button on it that will allow to turn on or off the LED light. You can also change the color of the LED light by pressing the button for 3 sec. It operates on a 5V DC source. The package includes 1 humidifier, 1 USB cable, and 3 manuals.

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