Why buy our foldable photo light reflectors?

Used as a diffuser. It is usually held directly above the subject to soften the sun’s natural light. A translucent Panel with 4 Color Cover can help increase Photography creation. Durable and flexible steel spring frame ensures easy spreading and closing.

How our reflectors are the best?

Translucent Panel: Used generally as a diffuser. It is typically detained exceeding the subject to moderate the sun’s natural light.

Silver Cover: Very insightful and vivifies both glooms and climaxes but never alternates the color of the offered light.

Gold Cover: Works essentially the identical way whilst adding a warmer tint to the shot.

White Cover: Revitalize the glooms to yield a lenient light. It is not as lively as the silver side therefore you can get nearer to your subject.

Black Cover: Deduct light and generate glooms in definite zones.

 This kit may be convenient for several reasons:

Do our reflectors provide more than one color?

The reflector emanates with white, gold, silver, black, and translucent Oval REFLECTOR, since these are the utmost prevalent reflectors in photography.

Is this a multi-disc reflector?

From warming up the shot and removing the shades to brightening it up and blocking out unwanted light every shot becomes possible thanks to these reflectors.

Are they portable?

With a carrying case which is made of black heavy duty material with a sturdy zipper, durable and portable; Collapse the discs into a portable 16“ size for tourism or stowage, best fitted for photojournalists on the go sturdy boom arm set.

Where our reflectors can be used?

Adaptable on the ground and in the studio, providing shadow-lightening detail to your theme, using accessible studio lighting.

Therefore, to truly turn your kit up a notch, this kit would be perfect for you.

Studio Light Kit Combo:

You can also purchase the following combo with 10% off:

1) Foldable Photo Light Reflector

This includes the reflector itself.

2) Universal Studio Soft Box Kit

In this, you obtain a softbox kit of Universal Standard.

3) Studio LED Ring With Tripod This includes an led ring alongside a tripod.

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