Why our fascinating Vest?

Weighted vests look pretty much like battle armor, and you normally see them on guys who make a point to pant loud enough for the entire gym to hear. So yes, it’s really easy to write off weight vests as pretentious overkill. But while they’re definitely for the intense gym heroes among us, weight vests can make you stronger and faster—as long you use them right. This particular commodity may seem useless in terms of workout and raining but you’ll be surprised to know the benefits it brings to the table which are proper, authentic, researched benefits, and when I say benefits I mean legit biophysical benefits.

Why it is necessary to wear?

If you do the same routine over and over again, your muscles will adjust, and you’ll stop seeing positive results; wearing a weighted vest will force your muscles to respond by making the exercise harder and will keep you from hitting a strength plateau. Weighted vests are exceptional at helping you improve speed or agility drills. If you run track and want to become quicker, run a couple of miles in a weighted vest. If you’re a running back and want to perform the cone drill faster, try running it with a vest on and see how it makes those muscles stronger.

Does it help to build much stronger muscles?

To help your body support the extra weight, your body will start to focus on growing muscle to make you stronger. Still, it will also apply resources to developing thicker, stronger bones and connective tissue. This is great when it comes to avoiding injury and performing strength training routines. When your body is constantly adjusting to the added weight that it’s not used to, it is essentially working the same muscle responsible for balancing your body and keeping correct form and posture, making it easier and a habit to do this when you have the vest off. Following are the specifications of this jacket:

Is Vest available for all sizes?

The weight vests are home to the sizes of 8lbs/10lbs/12lbs/15lbs/20lbs for both men and women. Vests with different sizes are designed to satisfy the demands of novice and professional trainers for resistance and challenge.

Does it have pockets?

These Weighted vests are manufactured from soft and breathable neoprene material stuffed with chemical- and odor-free iron sand. The well-designed mesh pockets are convenient for storing belongings such as keys, smartphones, etc. Better to use wipes, a cloth, or sponge to clean dirt; Hand washable only.

How are its front & side straps?

With elastic side straps and adjustable front Velcro straps, the vests are suitable for all users with different waist sizes. The specific design and adjustable straps aim to ensure flexibility and intensity without sliding and slipping when in motion.

Helpful for Core Strength Training or not?

The thick and wide shoulder tapes help concentrate the weight on the chest and upper body without shoulder fatigue or bruise. The durable weighted vests are perfect for workout, strength training, muscle building, aerobic exercise, and fitness.

Weighted vests are a great tool to use to kick your workout into another gear and reach your maximum potential; make sure to safely add it into your fitness regimen once you’re ready and strong enough to use it.

                                                                                Happy Workouts!

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