Our bulbs will lighten everything!

If you are looking for such types of electric appliances that can be controlled within a single touch?

  • What are the features of our bulbs?

So we made your life easy by introducing our wireless smart RGB light bulbs. They are based on new technology that can be controlled within a single touch of your smartphones and tablets.

  1. The bulbs provide a general light with several 20 other modes as well.
  2. It has almost16 a million colors that will illuminate your room with quite light.
  3. It comes in two variants E27 and B22 so you can use them according to your need.
  4. You can also plan a time to open and close them according to your routine as well.
  5. Their sizes are compact and flexible than ordinary bulbs: 2.6 x 5.11 inch / 60 x 130 mm.
  6. Smart bulbs operate at the power of 10W.
  7. Compatibility: 4.0 Bluetooth Device
  8. OS Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or Higher and Android 4.3 or Higher
  9. App Support Voice: Russian, German, Italian, French, English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese.
  10. Maximum Number of Connections for Android Devices: 4 Bulbs;
  11. Maximum Number of Connections for iOS Devices: 6 Bulbs

How they are controlled?

The reason for controlling bulbs through Bluetooth is:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. No need for an email account to register and enter a password
  3. Most importantly, no internet is needed to control these bulbs.
  4. Bluetooth-controlled bulbs have more than 16 million colors and 20 modes.
  5. IR has fixed angle control bulbs but this is not the scenario with Bluetooth light bulbs.
  6. Bulbs under the control of Bluetooth can be groupable.

White light Vs Ordinary bulbs white light?

Our bulb produces the finest white color that other bulbs are reluctant to do or their theme of white light is quite different from the original light. The diagram depicts everything:

Secondly, our bulbs have a 30KHz frequency that ensures any brightness of the static color does not stroboscopic. So our bulbs have reduced your headache problems as well.

What color rendering index our bulb provide?

Typically, light sources with a CRI of 80 to 90 are regarded as good and those with a CRI of 90+ are excellent. Our newly enhanced bulbs have a color rendering index of greater than 85 which shows that it is a good source. The illustration will give you a clear idea of what we are trying to say:

What is its angle and dimming range?

Our bulbs cover more angles in a room to illuminate most of the room. They have a wide range, comfortable and bright. It gives an overview of almost 270 degrees for the entire room as compared to other ordinary bulbs.

Moreover, our bulbs can produce dimming ranging from 1 to almost 100%. When children are sleeping, you can change the brightness of these modern bulbs and set the favorite color of your choice so your baby sleeps comfortably and relax.

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